Harbor Technologies


Harbor Technologies of Brunswick, ME is a leader in composite manufacturing with a focus on products used in marine construction and infrastructure including Composite Piling, Composite Camels, Composite Docks and Hybrid Composite Beams.

Founded in 2003 by Martin Grimnes, Harbor Technologies is focused on developing cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions for large scale engineering and  infrastructure projects.

Composites are believed to be the future building material of choice because they offer a number of advantages over traditional marine construction materials (wood, steel, concrete) due to several performance and cost factors. Composites are continuously gaining market share because of their superior performance in the marine environment.”

  • Composite Piling
  • Camels
  • Marine Camels
  • Floats
  • Dock Floats
  • Composite Beams
  • HCB Beams
  • Pier Beams
  • Structural Beams