Ocean Guard Coatings


This marine grade polyurea coating system is designed to encapsulate treated timber, steel or concrete products to prevent leaching of toxins and/or to protect the substrate.  This poly urea product is engineered for the marine environments and is self leveling to provide a smooth surface and its longer gel time promotes better adhesion.

Plural components are both made by manufacture to assure quality and flexibility in designing for specific applications.

Available in Black, Tan, Brown and Gray.

  • Timber Pile Coating
  • Steel Pile Coating
  • Concrete Pile Coating
  • Pile Coatings
  • Pile Protection
  • Marine Polyurea
Ocean Guard Coatings Guide Specs

Click on a link below to view or download a product PDF.

Guide Specifications are also available in ‘Microsoft Word’ documents. Please contact Schrader Co. for a copy.

Timber Piling Steel Piling ACZA Treated

Ocean Guard Coatings Photos